All(?) 37 non-lounge Priority Pass locations

[updated 3/5/18: added MSP PGA Lounge]

[updated 7/24/18: added CLE Bar Symon, OOL Velocity Expresso & Bar, GSP RJ Rockers Flight Room, LIM Bleriot Bar & Lounge and La Bonbonniere, LAX Barney's Beanery, MIA Air Margaritaville and Viena, GRU La Bonbonniere and Bleriot Bar & Lounge, SYD Chicken Confidential, SYR Johnny Rockets, DCA Bracket Room]

Longtime readers know that once I start thinking about a project I'm not satisfied until I've completely exhausted it. Over the last couple days I've written about non-lounge Priority Pass locations multiple times, and it was bugging me so much I decided I needed to finish the job. So, here are all 24 non-lounge Priority Pass locations around the world. I identified them by searching this PDF of all Priority Pass locations for the string "off the bill," which they consistently use to describe the benefit, i.e., "Cardholders can use their lounge visit entitlement to receive AUD$36 off the bill."

After writing this post, but before posting it, I saw via Doctor of Credit that yet another restaurant had been added, at New York's JFK airport in Terminal 8. Bobby Van's Steakhouse is not yet showing on the Priority Pass app, but is already showing on the Priority Pass website.

In other words, these non-lounge locations are getting added pretty quickly, which is nice for folks who have either limited or unlimited free access to Priority Pass locations. Let me know in the comments if I've missed any.

United States

Portland International Airport

  • Capers Cafe Le Bar, $28
  • Capers Market, $28
  • House Spirits Distillery, $28

Denver International Airport

  • Timberline Steaks & Grille, $28

Blue Grass Airport

  • Kentucky Ale Taproom, $28

Miami International Airport

  • Corona Beach House, $30
  • Air Margaritaville, $28
  • Viena, $28

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

  • PGA MSP Lounge, $15 off either your golf experience or food bill (cannot be combined across both)

St. Louis Lambert International Airport

  • The Pasta House, $28
  • The Pasta House & Schlafly Beer, $28

John F. Kennedy International Airport

  • Bobby Van's Steakhouse, $28

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

  • Bar Symon, $28

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

  • RJ Rockers Flight Room, $28

Los Angeles International Airport

  • Barney's Beanery, $28

Syracuse Hancock International Airport

  • Johnny Rockets, $28

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

  • Bracket Room, $28


Brisbane International Airport

  • Bar Roma, AUD $36
  • Graze Grill & Bar, AUD $36
  • Corretto Cafe & Bar, AUD $36

Melbourne Airport

  • Bar Pulpo by MoVida, AUD $36
  • Cafe Vue, AUD $36
  • Urban Provodore, AUD $36

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

  • Better Burger, AUD $36
  • Mach2, AUD $36
  • Peroni Bar, AUD $36
  • Bistro 2020 & Bar, AUD $36
  • MoVida, AUD $36
  • Bar Roma, AUD $36
  • Wok on Air, AUD $36
  • Chicken Confidential, AUD $36

Gold Coast Airport

  • Velocity Expresso & Bar, AUD $36

United Kingdom

Gatwick Airport

  • Grain Store Cafe & Bar, GBP 15


Kansai International Airport

  • Botejyu, JPY3,400


Jorge Chávez International Airport

  • Bleriot Bar & Lounge, USD $27
  • La Bonbonniere, USD $27


São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport

  • La Bonbonniere, USD $27
  • Bleriot Bar & Lounge, USD $27


In addition to these restaurant locations, you can also use your Priority Pass membership for yourself and up to 3 guests for an hour-long stay at "Minute Suites" locations at the Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Philadelphia airports.

It's also interesting to note the variable value of Priority Pass redemptions in different currencies:

  • 15 GBP are worth $20.73;
  • JPY3,400 are worth $31.28;
  • and AUD $36 are worth $28.23.

And even within the United States a redemption is worth more in Miami than at the other domestic locations.

Finally, note that for now you're able to use Priority Pass at multiple locations within the same airport on the same day, so in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Portland, and St. Louis be sure to treat yourself right.