About blog subscriptions

The primary way I am compensated for writing this site is through voluntary contributions from readers who sign up for monthly blog subscriptions. That steady, albeit low, income gives me the freedom to dedicate my time and attention to this site, rather than working in the formal economy.

Out of gratitude to my readers for their amazing vote of confidence in my work, a few years ago I started sending out occasional newsletters to my list of monthly subscribers. At the request of a few subscribers, I also created an archive of my past newsletters, which subscribers also have access to.

What I do not do is sell subscriptions to the newsletter. As I explained in 2014,

"If I sold access to my newsletter, then I’d get all sorts of e-mails from people complaining and asking for their money back because they didn’t get enough value from that month’s newsletter."

Although some readers occasionally have difficulty with the concept, I can't explain it any more clearly: I send my subscribers an occasional newsletter out of gratitude to them for supporting my blog through a monthly subscription.

If you don't get enough value from my work support it with a monthly blog subscription, there is no chance you'll get enough value from my occasional newsletters to make the difference, and you should not subscribe.

But if you do like this site and the work I do, I hope you'll consider signing up for a subscription to support it!