Nationwide Visa Buxx offering $5 bonus in December

I'll be generous and assume that my readers already have a Nationwide Visa Buxx card, since it's an easy way to generate $1,000 in monthly spend on any Visa or MasterCard every month at a cost of $4.

That being the case, check your e-mail for an offer to receive $5 in extra cash when you load $50 to your Visa Buxx account by December 31, 2013. Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions are too vague to tell clearly whether loading more than $50 will qualify for the $5 bonus, or if you need to load exactly $50.

This matters since if you only earn the bonus when you load exactly $50, you're barely coming out ahead (since you'll pay $2 for the $50 load and another $2 for the subsequent $450 load), while if you earn the bonus when you load any amount over $50, then the $5 will pay for 2 and a half $500 loads, a free month of manufactured spend!

The bonuses are supposed to post by the end of January, so presumably we'll find out for sure by then.