Does GoBank have a monthly swipe reload limit?

In the comments to my first post on GoBank and in this FlyerTalk thread, one recurring question is whether there is a monthly limit on free Walmart swipe reloads, which work exactly like reloads to the American Express Bluebird card, and if so, whether it's based on the calendar month or a rolling 30-day limit.

As a reminder, the Bluebird card has a $1,000 daily load limit and $5,000 calendar month load limit, which is shared between Vanilla Reload Network reload cards and reloads done at Walmart cash registers and MoneyCenter ATMs, which accept both cash and PIN-based debit cards.

GoBank, according to the product's Terms and Conditions, has a $2,500 daily load limit, but there is no specified monthly load limit.  It's possible that there is an unpublished calendar month or rolling 30-day load limit.

However, I can now report that the limit, if it exists, is definitely higher than $5,000 per month, whether it is based on the calendar month or a rolling 30-day period, since I've exceeded that threshold either way.

The next question I hope to answer is whether GoBank, like Bluebird, can be loaded using MoneyCenter ATMs, since like most people I find interacting with undertrained and rude Walmart employees a uniquely unpleasant chore.

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