Do this now: Order Bluebird checks

One of the three most straight-forward ways to manufacture spending using a rewards-earning credit card is through the American Express Bluebird checking alternative. After loading your Bluebird account with up to $5,000 per calendar month using a rewards-earning PIN-based debit card or Vanilla Reload Network reload cards, you can then use your balance to pay bills that wouldn't normally allow you to earn rewards: taxes, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, utility bills, and so on.

One problem people run into using Bluebird is that the built-in bill pay system doesn't recognize all potential bill issuers. Local property taxes are a common example, where you need to make your check payable to your city or county department of revenue, which may not be loaded into the Bluebird bill pay service.

To solve this problem, Bluebird began offering checks which are linked to your Bluebird account and allow you to pay anyone you wish, after first "pre-authorizing" the check through the Bluebird website or smartphone application.

As an introductory offer, Bluebird is offering users up to 100 checks at no cost, including free shipping and handling!

This deal was supposed to end today, but according to Bluebird's website now

Checkbook order fees are waived until 08/13/2013.

But since you're limited to one order of free checks, there's no reason to wait.

Order your completely free checks now, before you forget.