The "New" Google Wallet reader promotion

[edit 12:15 am EST: The promotion is now closed! Thanks to all my readers and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the world of miles and points!]

[edit 1:57 pm EST: I've had to use a couple different Google Wallet accounts to send money to readers, but as of now I'm still able to send payments and activate readers' Google Wallet accounts!]

As reported by Frequent Miler and others, Google is in the process of rolling out a new peer-to-peer payments system which is integrated into its E-mail client. The new Google Wallet allows you to "attach" money to E-mails, or send money through a separate web application.

During the rollout, you can signup for Google Wallet and you'll be notified when your account becomes eligible for peer-to-peer payments.

The fees for payments made using credit or debit cards, which will be 2.9% plus a $0.30 flat fee (the same as PayPal's), are waived during the current promotional period.

Currently, the best way to enable peer-to-peer payments for your account is to have someone send money to your e-mail address using Google Wallet. At the DansDeals Forums they have created a "conga line" for people to sign up to send and receive a penny in order to activate their Google Wallet accounts.

One of my readers was kind enough to send me a penny in order to activate my account, so today I want to pass on the karma with a Google Wallet reader promotion!

There are two ways to enter:

Entry method #1: Forward your receipt

Before 11:59 pm EST, May 23, 2013, forward your Amazon receipt for The Free-quent Flyer's Manifesto to I will send $0.01 to the E-mail address you forward your receipt from; it doesn't have to be the address Amazon mailed your receipt to.

Every reader who before midnight forwards their Amazon receipt for The Free-quent Flyer's Manifesto (even if you downloaded it during the promotional period when it was free) will receive a $0.01 Google Wallet payment, activating their account.

Entry method #2: Leave a comment with your E-mail address

The first 20 readers to leave a comment on this post with their E-mail address will also receive a $0.01 payment through Google Wallet, activating their Google Wallet account.

It's that simple! Forward me your Amazon receipt for The Free-quent Flyer's Manifesto, or leave a comment with the e-mail address you want to activate. I only ask that if you're going to forward your receipt, don't also leave a comment, so I can help as many people as possible.

(One caveat: I don't know if Google will freeze my account after I send a certain number of pennies to readers. If that happens I'll post here immediately, but my intention is to help out as many people as I can!)