Gobank Customer Care calls the Free-quent Flyer

This afternoon I received 3 missed calls a few seconds apart (like everyone I know, I don't pick up my phone for unknown numbers), before the caller finally left a message on my voice mail. It turned out "Cassie" from Gobank Customer Care was calling to check in with me.

When I called back (not a simple process - I've never been told by an automated system that it was having "technical difficulties" before), I eventually was able to speak with Cassie, who explained to me that my account usage was unusual compared to their other customers, and invited me to explain how I was using the account. Not having anything to hide, I told her I was loading the account at Walmart, and then using it to pay my utilities, credit card bills, etc.

Cassie then told me clearly that "there was no effect on my account usage" and that she was calling to make sure that there wouldn't be any future effect. She didn't say what behavior might have triggered the call, or what I could do to avoid "any future effect." We thanked each other and hung up.

I haven't noticed any effect on my account access so far, so I'm going to attribute this, for now, to an overabundance of caution from Gobank's fraud department as they roll out their new checking account alternative.

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