Do this now: register for Chase Freedom (and Discover it) 3rd quarter bonus categories

If you carry a Chase Freedom card, you probably know you need to register each calendar quarter for that quarter's 5% cash back categories. If you've read my eBook book, The Free-quent Flyer's Manifesto, you also know you can move the Ultimate Rewards points you earn with your Freedom card to a flexible Ultimate Rewards-earning card in order to transfer them to one of Chase's airline, hotel, and rail partners, or to redeem them for paid airline tickets at 1.2 cents each.

Finally, if you read my blog regularly you can imagine why I'm excited about the Chase Freedom 3rd quarter bonus categories. After earning 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points in the first week of January, I'm very excited to pay $11.85 for another 7,500 the first week of July.

I want to note that the Discover More/it (depending on whether you got your card before or after the rebranding) 3rd quarter bonus is also gas stations. However, I don't know whether Discover uses the same merchant codes as Visa does, so I can't guarantee that 7-11 purchases will qualify for 5% cash back. I'll make a test purchase in July and report back here on the blog when my statement closes.

In any case, register now for the Chase Freedom and Discover More/it 3rd quarter bonuses, before you forget.