Reminder: free Gogo inflight wireless on Delta

Delta was one of the first airlines to roll out inflight wireless internet to the overwhelming majority of their domestic fleet, and still has an advantage over their competitors in terms of fleet coverage.

I'll be blogging all day from 30,000 feet since I'm mileage running until tomorrow morning and taking advantage of free inflight wireless on all 4 of my Delta flights. It occurred to me that I hadn't passed on to my readers the easy trick I'll be using to get free Gogo wireless access on Delta flights until the end of the month.

Delta is currently running a promotion with the smartphone brand Blackberry to offer free inflight wireless access to anyone with a Blackberry device. If you don't have a Blackberry, then you can still take advantage of this promotion by "faking" the user agent of Blackberry's built-in browser. Via Lucky at One Mile at a Time, this post on Slickdeals explains how to do this easily with a Chrome browser or smartphone.

The trick works (I use user agent "blackberry"), and inflight internet access is truly amazing.

Happy hacking!