Update on HRB Emerald load limits

Since reporting last Wednesday that HR Block Emerald prepaid MasterCards are (finally) reloadable using Vanilla Reload Network reload cards, I've been tracking my loading activity with the goal of establishing the card's limits (since it is not even published in the terms and conditions of the card that it can be loaded with those instruments). Here's what I found:

As you can see, there's a rolling, 24-hour load limit of $1,000. There also appears to be a weekly or monthly limit of $5,000 in loads – although it's also been hypothesized that it's a limit of 10 loads of any kind, so if you were loading lower-denomination cards for whatever reason, you might end up being able to load less than $5,000.

As a reminder, you can use your Emerald card's routing number and account number (called "DDA" for some reason) from the account's home page to pay bills or transfer money from the account to any bank, credit card, or other payee that allows it. Unfortunately, American Express for reasons known only to themselves does not allow you to link bank accounts with account numbers over a certain number of digits, so I have not been able to successfully link my Emerald card as a payment source for my American Express cards. Of course, for a mere $0.95 I could pay my American Express bills directly from the HR Block Emerald interface, which I might consider doing under certain conditions.