Developing: problems with Walmart bill pay

This is just a quick note going into the weekend for readers who haven't yet seen this on Twitter, Flyertalk, or another manufactured spending forum.

Some Walmart Money Center registers are no longer showing some credit card payment networks

As longtime readers know, I'm a huge fan of CheckFreePay bill payments at Walmart, which allow you to use PIN-enabled debit cards to pay Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and some American Express cards (depending on the card issuer). They make it easy to liquidate PIN-enabled prepaid debit cards and free up credit limits for additional spending throughout the month.

This afternoon I was unable to make bill payments to any of my credit cards, which I discovered has been emerging as a problem in various places around the country.

There have also been reports of people still being able to successfully make bill payments as late as this evening, so at this point this is a "your miles may vary" situation. But if you are planning to make Walmart or other CheckFreePay bill payments to your credit cards this weekend, don't be shocked if your cashiers are unable to find your payees in their system.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming days and weeks, as this situation is developing...