Update: TD Go transaction limits

On January 22 I reported that a Flyertalk member had shared a new Visa Buxx card that was superior to the existing Nationwide and US Bank versions. After patiently waiting for my card to arrive, on the 29th I made a horrible realization: the card has an unpublished transaction limit. As I wrote last week,

"The reason to tentatively suspect that it's a 7-day rolling limit is that is the time period for the Nationwide Visa Buxx's $800 transaction limit.

The worst case scenario is that the limit is enforced over a 30-day rolling period, in which case this card is functionally only good for $2,000 in cheap manufactured spend per month, rather than $3,000."

Now that I've had the card for 8 days, I'm pleased to be report that the rolling, $2,000 limit is over 7-days. That means it's possible to manufacture the full $3,000 load limit each month.

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