Confirmed: PayPal My Cash limits now based on calendar month

Long-time readers and blog subscribers know that I've been following with interest the irregularities that occurred last month with PayPal My Cash load limits. The My Cash website has long claimed that the $4,000 monthly load limit was based on the calendar month, but experience proved otherwise: in fact the $4,000 limit reset on a rolling, 30-day cycle, which required a certain amount of vigilance to stay on top of (I used a Google calendar).

Early last month, the My Cash website started generating errors, the most significant of which was that load limits completely refused to reset; users who had some available load space at the time of the error were allowed to use it up, but older transactions didn't "roll off" as they had so far. Finally, towards the end of July load limits were reset in a pattern that suggested the monthly load limits would now, finally be based on the calendar month.

And sure enough, my load limits on my personal and business PayPal accounts reset today with a full, $4,000 ceiling.


For now, it appears that PayPal My Cash monthly load limits reset on the 1st of each month. This should make it easier to plan loads, and reduce the anxiety of watching the calendar in order to load PayPal accounts on the exact day each older load rolls off.

At least until PayPal and Incomm come up with something new to throw at us!