More weird Hilton HHonors pricing

I've written before about "odd" pricing of Hilton premium room awards. Based on my research, I concluded that irregular pricing occurred when a hotel has a high enough fixed value assigned to HHonors points redeemed for premium rooms and, for whatever reason, the best available rate for premium rooms is low enough to drop the price in cash, after conversion to HHonors points, below the HHonors point cost for a standard room award.

As I wrote last July, it's not predictable when this will occur, although I tentatively suggested that large currency fluctuations might make it more likely.

That being said, I recently discovered another example, and thought I'd pass it along.

Here's the standard, 50,000 HHonors point price for a "2 DOUBLE BEDS" room at the Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Avenue:

A "premium" corner room costs $10 more, but the premium room HHonors award cost is actually lower, at 44,519 HHonors points per night:


This is because the property uses a fixed premium room rewards conversion rate of 0.357 cents per HHonors point. Indeed, if you could book a standard room at the premium room award conversion rate, it would cost just 41,719 HHonors points per night!

Unfortunately, that's not possible, but booking cheap premium night awards is a good next-best alternative (unless you're booking 5 consecutive nights, in which case the nightly rate drops to 40,000 HHonors points)!