Blog housekeeping for March 26, 2015

A few quick notes on the site, feel free to skip if this stuff bores you.


Matt, the benevolent dictator/head honcho over at Saverocity, recently reconfigured his site and generously offered to plug my RSS feed into his front page. I leapt at the opportunity and want to extend the warmest welcome to Saverocity readers discovering my site for the first time: make yourselves at home!

Should I re-enable the site's mobile theme?

I hate mobile themes. When I visit this site on my mobile phone, it's because I want to access one of the resources conveniently linked at the top of the page (like hotel promotions) or check an airline's alliance membership or flexible currency transfer partners.

But I understand my readers are more likely to just want easy access to blog posts. If you care one way or the other, vote in the following poll and I'll act accordingly:

Updated revenue disclosure

Reader Declan made an interesting point in the comments to this post about the old disclosure I had at the top of each page. He wrote:

"Do you know what "personal referral links" are - including links from Amazon Associates accounts? They're "third-party" (i.e. not you, not me) affiliate links."

In response I explained my reasoning, and still feel that my old disclosure policy (which explicitly mentioned Amazon Associates revenue) gave readers the information they needed to judge any possible conflicts of interest, but I've made it even more explicit so there's no mystery as to how I make (not very much) money from this site: Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, blog subscriptions, and personal referral links to sites like TopCashBack (the same links anyone else gets when they open an account).

I also decided to no longer include Amazon Associates links to specific products I'm reviewing (as far as I know, I've only ever included one, in my review of Pound Foolish, which I've now removed). The disclosure now reads:

"Disclosure: to the best of my knowledge, the only remuneration I receive for any of the content on this site is through my personal referral links, my Amazon Associates referral link, the Google Adsense ad found in the righthand sidebar, and my blog subscribers, who also receive my occasional subscribers-only newsletter. You can find all my personal referral links on my Support the Site! page."

I hope that makes sense, and if anyone has any other questions or concerns I'd be more than happy to address them.

Off to New Orleans

On Friday I'm heading to New Orleans for a weeklong vacation (look for an Anatomy of an Award Trip on Friday). The trip starts with a 20-hour Amtrak trip on the City of New Orleans, so my online presence will be limited over the weekend, but I anticipate keeping to a normal blogging schedule once there. We're planning a swamp kayak tour, so follow me on Twitter if you want to maximize your chances of seeing egrets next week.