Quick hit: my content around the web

Although my posts this week have had a little bit of a focus on the personal finance side of travel hacking, I primarily use this website to write about the travel side of travel hacking. But if you're interested in hearing my take on topics both near and far from travel hacking, there are a few other places where you can find me thinking out loud and otherwise.

Saverocity Observation Deck

I (famously) listen to podcasts while I run my travel hacking errands, and it's especially fun to listen to podcasts about travel hacking while I do so. The Saverocity Observation Deck podcast has been hospitable enough to invite me on to contribute to episodes 11, 15, 26, and 38. Listen to those, and other episodes, and you'll be able to decide for yourself if you like it.

Saverocity Forum

While I personally feel that travel hacking and personal finance hacking are closely related, I know not all of my readers do, so my tendency is to post my reflections on personal finance hacking over at the Saverocity Forum. You have to create an account first, but then you should be able to use this link to find all the threads I've created there.


Twitter is the greatest invention since flying cars, and I'm always on Twitter. I find it pretty difficult to find Twitter users worth following, but the good news is that the more worthwhile Twitter users you follow, the more likely you are to find additional worthwhile Twitter users.

My Twitter handle is @Freequentflyr. Incidentally, that's arguably an even better way to get in touch with me than e-mail, as long as you're not asking or disclosing anything you'd like to keep private.