Documents responsive to United Danish Kroner mistake fare FOIA request

A reader passed along and asked that I share some documents provided by the Department of Transportation in response to his FOIA request regarding the Danish Kroner mistake in February, 2015. For those who weren't following the play-by-play, this was the second time I'm aware of the DoT allowing United to revoke tickets that had been issued at an incorrect price, the first being Hong Kong 4-mile mistake awards in July, 2012.

These documents appear to me to be a generic batch of e-mails and files that the Department has decided to send to anyone submitting FOIA requests regarding the Danish Kroner mistake, and they've been heavily redacted. My reader believes, and I'm inclined to agree, that the redactions are not appropriate and obscure several key parts of the decision-making process that would be in the public interest, especially since the department sided with a for-profit corporation against that company's customers.

I'll post an update if there's any movement on that front.

The documents

With all that said, here are the documents themselves. The first 2 pages are the Department's explanation of the contents, pages 3-23 are the internal DoT communications, and the remainder are social media and news reports on the mistake fare.

Riveting stuff.