Well, I'm going to Europe

As much as it pains me to say this, having dropped out of the formal labor force a few years ago, for the last few months I've been busy.

The bulk of that business has been maximizing the value of my Wells Fargo 5% cash back offer. But as of tomorrow, my 6 months of Wells Fargo 5% cash back will be at an end, and I'll be flying to Europe to spend a few weeks jaunting around Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

Since I'll be staying at perfectly normal hotels the entire time I'll be in Europe, I tentatively plan to continue updating the blog a few times per week, but while I'm overseas the focus may shift from day-to-day manufactured spend and loyalty strategies to my first-hand experiences in Europe.

But who knows?

In any case, I don't have any vacation posts scheduled or anything like that, so you can still expect my unvarnished opinions on whatever happens to be going on in Eastern Europe and the travel hacking universe.

By the end of June blog programming should return to normal, as long as you don't go and ruin manufactured spend while I'm gone.