Do this now: IHG 3rd third promotion

[updated 7:57 pm: thanks to commenter Adrian for pointing out that Mommy Points is not earning IHG Rewards points, but airline miles. Her haul is still somewhat lower than the other bloggers (e.g. 4,000 airline miles versus 25,000 IHG Rewards points for "Win big"), but not by nearly as much as this post suggested]

Some hotel loyalty programs run seasonal promotions, some run quarterly promotions, but this year IHG Rewards (the Club formerly known as Priority) is running a thirdly promotion: you can earn bonus points for reaching certain milestones between September 1 and December 31, 2013.

You need to register for the promotion here  to find out which milestones you've been targeted for. A number of bloggers have posted their targeted milestones, including: One Mile at a Time, the Points Guy, Mommy Points, View From the Wing.

Here's a quick chart I threw together to compare the various reports (including my own), so you can see how your targeted promotion compares:

As you can see, Mommy Points needs to work harder to get on IHG's good side, while View from the Wing is the "big winner" here. [see correction above]

To the best of my knowledge, I've never stayed at an IHG/Priority Club property, but I have been a member forever. It's hard to imagine what else I have in common with the Points Guy!

Register now, before you forget